Hi there! Glad you found us. If you want to know about or watch the Kirby anime, this is the place to be. You can also check out the Tumblr blog where I mostly reblog fanart and post the occasional update as I finish the last of the subs.


Operation HNK 1.0 first started back on the Kirby’s Rainbow Resort forums around 2004. This first attempt was doomed to failure, as the goal was to get 4Kids Entertainment to release DVDs with a Japanese language option. Hahaha no.

After that I decided to take things into my own hands and get the Japanese DVDs in order to sub them myself. With help from several friends including Suimin who helped to transcribe, and others like Jboy and Gametrekker who helped with editing and culinary guides, we managed to get the first 67 episodes subbed!

But life happened and I had to stop for a while. In the meantime others like StarFumu did some more episodes but no one has yet finished them all.

Then I came back and spent another five years finishing the rest of the series! And now you can watch it all!

The Future

The subs are finished, the show is on Blu Ray. What now?

Fansub Staff

Ivyna J. Spyder - Translation, timing, misc, running this blog

Karakara - Transcription, translation

Past Staff

Beepaws, Tokiko - Transcription, translation

Congitsune - Translation

StarFumu - Transcription, translation